Oak Leaf Management

Commercial Real Estate Services for Houston and beyond

Mission Statement

The mission of Oak Leaf Management is to serve our clients as partners in their future and to focus on growing relationships by providing quality solutions through a combination of experience, talent and teamwork with a commitment to values.

We are a full-service real estate company with a long-standing reputation for providing an array of solutions for private and corporate clients enabling them to achieve their goals of success.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create the standard of service in commercial and residential real estate by concentrating on our relationships with our clients and aligning our goals with theirs. Our goal-oriented staff is comprised of visionary team players with business ethics that are above reproach and strong family values.

Furthermore, our vision is to expand our roots in the real estate industry and branch-out through the combined successes of our clients who are part of the Oak Leaf family.

Operating Values - Honesty/Integrity

At Oak Leaf, we uphold the qualities of truth, sincerity and respect in our business practices to earn the trust of our valued clients and dedicated personnel.

Operating Values - Performance

Oak Leaf delivers — we back up our promises with performances delivered with enthusiasm and a sense of urgency by our professional team.

Operating Values - Relationships

Oak Leaf is in the business of growing relationships. We realize that all of our success springs from this firm foundation. Our reputation and faithful history of longevity signifies our commitment, loyalty and determined dedication to our relationships with our clients and our associates.

Operating Values - Family

We embrace the full essence of everything that family stands for: loyalty, commitment, teamwork and enduring allegiance. Oak Leaf is a professional organization with a family approach and a strong commitment to our core values.

Operating Values - Respect

At Oak Leaf, we believe in honoring all clients and associates with genuine respect all of the time by recognizing the unique value of each individual.

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